Drip drip – Cary Briel

Posted on Apr 22, 2009 in Poetry, Writing

Drip drip
my wistful friend, I bid, ‘Come in, come in.’
For my sore eyes you are a sight
covering up my world of sin.

Oh never mind, I’ll come out,
if you’ll agree to shed your modesty,
I’ll shed these layers
for you to have your way with me.

I feel your soft fingers, a delight
fondling my carnality,
starting up and moving down
changing my reality.

From what distance have you come,
If I ask, will you betray?
And how many others have you
loved in our intimate way?

How much madness have you stalled,
And death, have you ceased that?
Indifference, apathy?
Before which gods have you sat?

Well it’s no matter, not for me.
Your sordid travels are of no regard.
Return any day to ravage me
and heal a soul well scarred.