It’s the swell

Posted on Sep 2, 2014 in Poetry, Writing

It’s the swell
and fall.
And I’ll take land and a view.
The girls walk by
in bikinis more sexy than flesh.
I hadn’t known what flush was
nor legs, knees
What were ankles and toes in those days?
Was there even a me?
How provocative an idea can be.
One which drives everything,
though no one will say it.
Come play
at the sands of the sea.
I’ll lay still,
while you trip, intentionally.
When our clothes
shed like autumn’s leaves
And in the long night of winter
we’ll make house.
Angels falling,
Others climbing.
We’re betwixt heaven and the dream
And you’re mine
until we’re dying.
And when flesh walks by
you won’t look
And neither will I.