Monarch – Cary Briel

Posted on Dec 20, 2011 in Poetry, Writing

She knows,
as do all unassuming.
She steals away
the lover’s eyes,
the businessman in his meeting,
the child from her mates,
when her feet take her
scampering after.
God, don’t let her trip!
But she’s taken,
by her orange and her black,
by her shooting to left
and then right,
her ascensions
and falls,
this butterfly’s far more majestic
than all.
Mamma sees
and makes chase.
Oh, Helen, you can’t run like that.
But Momma, I’m flying!
Look, I’m flying like her, look!
Yes, Helen, but be careful.
Oh, Dear……
Between willow
and cattail
she dives and she swoops,
Oh, Helen!
Oh, Momma, did you see
how she flew?
Then landing on Helen’s
pink nose,
the blur of her wings
does switch to slow flapping.
And Momma’s tears
escape Helen
for years and years.