My Facebook friend

Posted on Jul 2, 2014 in Poetry, Writing

Would you like to Facebook be
My Facebook friend?
If you’ll just click Accept,
I’ll send you a sketchy PM.
And it won’t be long
You’ll see
We’ll be rubbing against each other
Your dreams
and mine
In your News Feed
How sublime.
We’ll argue with the algorithm
For who’ll be on top
whose Like buttons
Will be pushed
And pressed.
I’ll never stop.
And I’ll guess if your About stats are true.
Don’t tell
It’d ruin it if you do.
And if it’s suggested,
But more often, even if not,
We’ll do things!
You’ll see
It’ll be a riot!
Things I’ve always wanted to do
With every girl
In this big world stew.
I’ll poke you!!!
There, didn’t that feel great?
Do I make you feel tingly?
I’ll do it early and late.
In my underwear even
From the road
Or at home
In bed
Sometimes alone.
Let’s be Facebook friends
You see
We’re Facebook meant for each other,
You and me.