When I’m surrounded by tech

Posted on Nov 23, 2014 in Poetry, Writing

When I’m surrounded by tech,
By circuit boards,
Tools, testers,
By breadboards and jumpers,
It’s much like I felt as a child,
With anything of science near to me,
Or anything mechanical;
It could be a large stash of tools
Or parts filling up shelves—
But these days, I’ve morphed
This ideal, reluctantly
From trades of the hands
To those of the mind
Sufficing stockrooms
With virtual dimensions,
Having ever-diverse labels
On long-spanning shelves
Running down rooms so vast,
If you saw them,
They’d boggle your synapses.
The stock of this trade
Is sometimes jumbled,
And though everything has its place
And there’s a place for everything,
It’s not minded so much as I’d like,
With discipline;
The labelmaker is out of tape perhaps
At times
Or I press the wrong keys.